What does Cat Boarding Really Mean?

Cat boarding is a pet service designed to help you care for your cat while you are away. Read on to find out what boarding your cat entails!

Cats have been hailed to be independent, self-sufficient companions that usually require low-effort in care. So why do you need cat boarding? When you travel, there's a high chance of your feline's routine getting disrupted, leading to high stress levels. Thus, understanding the benefits of cat boarding is essential to help your time away from your cat for its well-being.

When Home Alone Doesn't Work Anymore

Leaving your cat alone for more than a day is a window to several problems. Lack of human interaction and monitoring might lead to accidents, or worse - serious health issues that need immediate treatment.

Water bowls can spill and empty, food can run out, and in the most extreme scenarios, your cat may need a medical emergency. In addition, the loneliness may manifest in destructive behavior, as cats will chew and scratch to express boredom and anxiety. 

Why Board Your Cat?

This pet services ensures a safe and nurturing environment for your cat in your absence. It keeps up the reception of consistent care, regular meals, and monitoring by people who understand the needs of cats. Here's why cat boarding is a lifesaver for the frequent traveler who owns a cat.

  1. Professional Cat Care
    Cat boarders are equipped to handle specific needs of the feline nature. From administrating medication to serving specialized diets, the boarding staff will understand what your cat's routine needs to stay healthy.

  2. Safety and Security
    An antsy cat will be curious and sometimes desperate to escape. Boarding facilities are familiar with this behavior and have designed their setups to prevent these attempts as well as protect the guest cat from potential hazards. What we want as cat owners is to know our furbaby is in a controlled environment that reduces these chances of accidents and injuries with available monitoring.

  3. Socialization Opportunities
    Although cats may present themselves as solitary creatures, preferring their space and quiet times, they do need interaction and play. At boarding facilities, they can experience playtime with other cats and humans, which can be beneficial - especially for single-cat households.

  4. Peace of Mind
    The most significant reason of cat boarding will be the peace of mind it provides you, knowing that your cat is being taken care of by capable people. You will be able to enjoy your travels without worrying about your furbaby's wellbeing!


It's a pity we can't take our cat on travels with us, as travelling can be more stressful for our kitty than staying put. [Image credit: Ben Wogl - Unsplash]

What is 'the Right Boarding Facility'?

A preferable boarding facility will have all these elements covering your cats' needs:

  • Clean and hygienic space
  • Well-ventilated, comfortable sized area
  • Available veterinary services
  • Staff qualification and experience with cats
  • Exercise and socialization activities
Now You can Travel Without Worry!

Your cat is a part of your family, and their safety and happiness matter just as much as yours. While the idea of boarding may seem a little intimidating, there are more benefits than negatives. A good boarding facility will not only serve your cat's physical needs, but also to their emotional wellbeing.

**Do NOT wait until the last minute to check in your cat at a pet hotel before your travels. Your cat's acclimatization to a new place does not happen when you want it to! 

Before You Go...

Ensure your kitty is up to date on vaccinations and medical check ups. Leave explicit instructions about your cat's diet, behavioral quirks, and medical needs. Follow the checklist below for a start: 

    • [ ] Vaccinations up-to-date
    • [ ] Medical history and vet contact information
    • [ ] Specific care instructions for staff
    • [ ] Contact information while you're away
    • [ ] Comfort item for your cat

With a little bit of preparation and the right boarding facility, both you and your kitty cat can make travelling a breeze.

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