What is Home Based Pet Boarding?

Home based pet boarding is a popular option these days. Learn more about the benefits of a home environment, where pets receive personalized care and more.

The concept of home based pet boarding is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners.

Instead of leaving their furry friends in traditional kennels or pet hotels, many individuals are now choosing to entrust their pets to a home environment while they're away.

This alternative offers several benefits that make it an attractive option for both pets and their owners.

One of the key advantages of home based pet boarding is the personalized care and attention that pets receive.

Unlike in a kennel or pet hotel, where they may be one of many animals, pets in a home based boarding setting often have a more individualized experience.

They have the opportunity to form a closer bond with their caretakers, who can cater to their specific needs and preferences.

This personalized care can help reduce separation anxiety and ensure that pets feel safe and comfortable during their stay.

A home environment can provide a sense of familiarity, making it easier for pets to adjust to being away from home.

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The Concept of Home Based Pet Boarding

This concept of having a home environment revolves around the idea of entrusting the care of pets to responsible and loving individuals who open their homes to provide care for your pet.

Pet owners like that their furry friends will be surrounded by a family-like atmosphere.

Oftentimes this means that instead of being confined to small cages, pets will have access to comfortable living spaces, cozy beds, and even the freedom to roam around the house.

The goal is to mimic the environment the pets are used to at home, ensuring they feel secure and less anxious during their stay.

Home based pet boarding offers a real sense of belonging for our beloved companions.

Finding the Right Home Based Pet Boarding Service

When it comes to finding the right home based pet boarding service for your beloved pet, there are a few key factors to consider.

First and foremost, it's important to research and gather information about various options in your area.

Look for facilities that have positive reviews and testimonials, as this can give you a good indication of the quality of care they provide.

Additionally, consider the size and setup of the facility. If your pet has any specific mobility needs or requires certain facilities, such as a fenced yard, it's crucial to consider these factors too.

Compatibility between your pet and the boarder plays a significant role in their overall experience.

One vital aspect of compatibility is the temperament of both your pet and the boarder.

If your pet is known to be social and friendly, it may thrive in an environment with other pets and a host who enjoys their company.

On the other hand, if your pet is more reserved or requires individual attention, finding a host who can cater to their specific needs will be essential.

By assessing the personality traits of your pet and discussing them with potential hosts, you can ensure that the boarding experience aligns with your pet's preferences.

By taking the time to research and consider these factors and more, you can ensure that you find the perfect home-based boarding facility for your beloved pet. Check out our article on other factors that you should consider.

What to Expect During a Home Based Pet Boarding Stay

During a home-based pet boarding stay, your furry friend can expect a daily routine that mirrors their usual home environment.

From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, their schedule will involve regular meals, exercise, and playtime.

The home-based boarding host will ensure that your pet's needs are met, including scheduled bathroom breaks and medication administration if required.

Additionally, your pet will have the opportunity to socialize with other pets in the home, providing them with companionship and mental stimulation.

Some home-based boarding facilities may offer additional amenities such as grooming services or special treats to make your pet's stay even more enjoyable.

With the personalized care and attention provided in a home environment, your pet is sure to have a comfortable and engaging experience during their time away from home.

Overcoming Separation Anxiety

When it comes to leaving your pet in a home-based boarding facility, one of the main concerns for pet owners is how their furry friend will cope with being away from home.

Separation anxiety can be a real issue for some pets, especially those who are accustomed to the comfort and familiarity of their own environment.

However, with the right tips and techniques, you can help your pet adjust to the new surroundings and ensure they have a stress-free experience during their home-based boarding stay.

It's essential to prepare your pet for their time away from home. Start by gradually exposing them to new environments or situations that are similar to the home-based boarding facility.

This can include short visits to friends' houses or even taking them on outings to dog parks or pet-friendly stores.

By slowly introducing your pet to new surroundings, you can help them become more comfortable and confident in adapting to different environments.

Consider leaving your pet with familiar items such as their favorite toys, blankets, or bedding.

These familiar scents and objects can provide comfort and reassurance to your pet while they're away from home.

Read our article on more tips to prepare your pet before boarding.

Cost Comparison: Commercial vs Home Based Pet Boarding

When it comes to the cost of home-based pet boarding, there are several factors to consider.

While traditional kennels and pet hotels often have standard pricing structures, home-based boarding services may vary in their rates.

The cost will depend on factors such as the location, the size and breed of your pet, and the specific amenities and services offered by the boarding host.

It's important to note that home-based boarding services may charge extra for additional services such as grooming, training, or medication administration.

To determine the most cost-effective option for your pet, it is recommended to compare prices from different home-based boarding facilities, taking into account the quality of care and the overall experience provided.

While the cost of home-based pet boarding may vary, it is worth considering both the financial aspect and the quality of care provided.


Home based pet boarding offers a personalized and comfortable experience for pets while their owners are away.

This alternative to traditional kennels and pet hotels allows pets to receive individualized care and attention, reducing separation anxiety and providing a sense of familiarity.

Finding the right home-based boarding service involves considering factors such as reviews, facilities, and compatibility between your pet and the boarder.

If you are a pet owner looking for a reliable and comfortable option for your furry friend while you're away, home-based pet boarding may be the ideal choice.

Explore the various options available in your area and ensure that your pet's needs and preferences are met. Your pet will surely have a stress-free and enjoyable experience in a home-based boarding setting.

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