We are paw parents
who care for
your furkids
like our own

Swirly and Friends - Pet Hotel and Pet Boarding in Subang Jaya

We fostered and rehomed 25 dogs and cats during the pandemic while working from home

When the pandemic restrictions were relaxed, some of our adopters asked for help with boarding and daycare as they had to go to the office or travel. They became our first few customers.

Our founder Christina left her corporate job and pursued it full-time when we had more and more customers enquiring and engaging our services. She's never look back since.

Our Team


Founder and Chief Butler


Co-founder and Butler

Swirly 🐶

Chief Whining Officer and Resident Dog

Nopi 🐱

Chief Greeting Officer and Resident Cat

Luci 🐱

Chief Food Sampler and Resident Cat

Every day is a shitty day 💩 but also filled with lots of love ❤️ and cuteness

At Swirly and Friends, we take pride in what we do every day to ensure the well-being and happiness of your furry companions. From cleaning up dog poop and pee, and cat litter, to taking care of and playing with pets, we go above and beyond to provide a clean and stimulating environment.
Our dedicated team is committed to feeding pets and giving them the necessary medication, ensuring their health is never compromised. And what's a day without capturing adorable moments? We make it a point to take photos and videos of your pets, creating memories that you can cherish.
Additionally, our skilled staff are vigilant in de-escalating any potential fights from happening, ensuring a harmonious atmosphere for all. While discipline is sometimes necessary, we approach it with kindness and understanding. 
Trust us to provide the utmost care and attention to your beloved pets, making every day a meaningful and joyful experience.

We're here in Subang Jaya 

Ss 17, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

and are open daily, 

Monday to Sunday 10AM to 6PM.

WhatsApp us at +60162820549

Yes, you can get PAID for having fun with pets!

Let us know if you are a pet lover of cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds. And are also ok with getting dirty as sometimes we touch poop or step on pee. We may have a part-time position for you.